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MDR Electronics is firmly committed to providing our customers with best in class, reliable products through authorized dealers. Our policy is to honor product warranties and to perform services only on products purchased from an authorized MX distributor. If you purchase a MX product from an unauthorized dealer or if the original factory serial number or code has been removed, defaced or altered, your warranty will not be valid.

MX products are warranted against defects in the materials and workmanship from the date of delivery to the end of the products warranty.

“Lifetime warranty” simply means we provide free Service warranty but no warranty on Components or Labor involved.

Please note that the following are NOT covered under warranty:
Any loss, damage and/or malfunction relating in any way to shipping, storage, accident, abuse, excessive use, alteration, misuse, neglect, failure to use product under its normal operating conditions etc.

“Life Time warranty” we simply mean warranty against faulty materials and workmanship. It does not cover damage caused by misuse or normal wear & tear.

If any part or valuable components will get damaged or brake or fail due to misuse by customer will be charge separately.

The product can be sent or carried in, at customer's own cost and risk, to MX or to a MX approved Authorized Service provider, to be repaired. And after repair it should be collected at the customer’s own cost and risk from MX or the Authorized Service provider.

NOTE: The labor costs for repair are not included in the warranty

This literature is subject to change without notice. MX assumes no responsibility for editorial errors or omissions herein.

If you have additional questions regarding MX Product care, please send your suggestions to our customer service department at


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